Hey there! I’m Natasha Welingkar.

I’m a Senior at UC Berkeley majoring in Cognitive Science with a minor in Journalism. I specialize in creating experiences that are familiar to you, and thus, easy for you to use. I currently run Innovative Design, Cal’s premier design club.

Avid watcher of sports. Voracious reader of Excessive user of Adobe Creative Suite. Supreme h8-er of describing myself in third person sentences.

Student by day, doer of all things above by night. Current interests include: anything that tickles my fancy. Lifelong passions include: the San Francisco Giants, talking until my breath runs out, losing the lens cap on all of my cameras, meeting new people and making them love me, and most importantly, food.

Despite my use of super big words, I'm actually pretty friendly. Get in touch! I don't bite and I love a good coffee.